Glenda Randall


After 27-years as an investment manager, I left the finance world behind to spend six years serving women with a fatal lung disease as Development Director for The LAM Foundation, and one year as Development Director for Equipping Ministries International. In February 2008, I lived-out my father's unrealized dream and opened a restaurant in Sharonville, Ohio. I have two grown children (Ashley and Cory), two step-children (Stephanie and Ryan), and five grandchild (Haven, CJ, Ayress, Bryson and Davis). Both my children will be delivering new grandchildren in January 2014!

I WAS a liar, thief, fornicator and baby killer.
I AM the beautiful princess of a Glorious King.
I STRIVE to lead a life that is pleasing to God, honest, truthful and sexually pure.
I WILL be forever grateful for His love and forgiveness.

As a littler girl, I was by nature shy, sweet and loving, even begging to take my brothers’ spankings because it hurt my heart to see them punished. Though my parents knew Jesus, our family didn't attend church regularly until my teens. At the age of 16, I knelt at the alter of Landmark Baptist Temple and asked Jesus into my heart. I sat in a pew every Sunday, but my faith was not strengthened by reading the Bible, prayer or joining the youth group.

I went away to Cumberland College as a virgin. Two years later I chose to have an abortion to hide the shame of an unwanted pregnancy. My secret was safe and my "good girl" image was intact . . . from everyone but me. Guilt and shame drove me to become immersed in a life of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. I was terrified of the sledgehammer that a vengeful God held over my head for being a “bad girl” and kept running further and further from Him. Suicidal thoughts were a frequent companion. I married the father of my aborted baby. During my pregnancy two years later, I was terrified that the "sledgehammer" of God's retribution would cause harm to my baby, but he was born healthy. Life was full but short-lived. We divorced when my son was one-year-old.

I moved to California and nurtured my investment management career. Five years later, I met the brother of the groom at my sister's white wedding. I moved back to Cincinnati and we were married 6 months later. I had another baby and started being a “good person". . . attending church, teaching Sunday school to mentally challenged adults, and volunteering at the local Pregnancy Care Center. I spent a lot of time at the alter promising God to be a better person, but that never lasted very long. In 2000, my 18-year marriage ended in an unwanted divorce and I almost lost my nose to skin cancer. As an alternative to ending my life, I finally and totally surrendered my life to Christ.

WOW! What an eye-opening, life-altering event! He loves me! He ALWAYS loved me! I finally realized that His arms were open too wide to hold onto a sledgehammer! I knew true joy and peace for the first time in my life. To share that peace, I started a Christian women’s support group called ALL For Him (Amazing Ladies Living For Him).


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)