Joyce Simmons


JOYCE SIMMONS is an ordained minister, author and dynamic church and conference speaker. Her quick wit and contagious humor immediately make a warm connection to her audience.

Joyce’s spiritual sensitivity and strong gift of exhortation and encouragement gives relevant and timely answers to the complex issues all of us face in today’s hectic world. Her Biblical, practical teaching brings hope, renewed faith and the motivation to reach our full potential.

She is deeply committed to teaching families how to strengthen relationships and live the doubt-free lifestyle God intended us to live. You’ll quickly discover her deep devotion and strong commitment to encourage God’s people.

Joyce's Women’s Events, Debt Free Living Seminars, and ‘Family Breakthrough’ Weekends and Corporate luncheons will motivate and challenge your people!

Her cutting edge ‘HOME FREE’ Family Seminar has enabled thousands of people to experience freedom and joy in their faith – finances - family and future.

Joyce has been involved in full time minsitry for almost 30 years in evangelism, as a family Pastor, author and international conference speaker. She has a Masters degree in Bible Studies with Grace Bible College in Cary, N.C.. She is a frequent guest on TV and radio and contributing writer for several magazines.


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)