Donna East


Not many comedians can claim they’ve made people all over the world laugh, but Donna East can!

From Iceland and Norway to Puerto Rico and Honduras, Donna brought laughter to our troops in 11 countries. Three tours for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard brought the house down and left thousand of troops holding their bellies at her comedy. Also, Donna's appearance on the national television show "Bananas," aired December 2005 and again last March! Catch Bananas on Direct TV, Time Warner, INSP and TBN, among others. Most recently, New York City Parks and Recreation Department hired Donna to teach innercity kids standup comedy. "Just Kiddin' Around" will focus on literary, improving self-esteem, self-confidence and using humor as a tool.

Straight from her hometown of Detroit, this crazy girl hit the comedy clubs in New York City big! From Caroline’s to Stand-Up NY to Gotham, Donna cracked them up. She's even performed with the best of the best. Comedians like Bob Nelson (HBO), Al Lubel (Letterman, The Tonight Show), Horace H. B. Sanders (Sinbad tour, Star Search) and Chonda Pierce (the nation’s #1 Christian comedienne!).

Donna’s material is original and straight from her wacky life-strange experiences, staying healthy, being a newlywed, her crazy family and life’s funky stuff. “Toys have really had an

influence on my life, I mean, I’d be playing with my Barbie and think I should be beautiful and skinny, but then my Easy Bake Oven would scream from the corner “Hey! Make a chocolate cake!”

Donna shares her act by weaving in some wacky characters, including her most popular character Norma from K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) School of Driving. This instructor teaches one audience member how to drive an invisible car in simulated elements. “Ut oh, folks, it looks here like we got ourselves some rain. You better roll up your window buddy or you gonna get the shower you need!”

Sometimes the characters even like to take over the act, like her children’s talk show host, “You see, kids, sugar is like little people’s coffee. It perks you up and keeps you awake long into the night. And that’s why my show's on at 2am!”

Labeled by a local paper “NYC’s Queen of Clean,” Donna’s comedy is busting all over the place, including comedy clubs, corporate events, churches, conventions, banquets, theatres, coffeehouses, bookstores, soup kitchens, rehab centers, weddings, birthday parties, blah, blah, blah. (Okay, so the birthdays and weddings are filler, but still a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. You should see her when she rehearses in front of her beanie babies. Now that’s some funny stuff!)

Donna produced the first-ever clean comedy night at Stand-Up NY debuting the fall of 2001 with top national comedians. She has also created a comedy workshop with Martha Bolton (Bob Hope’s first female staff writer) called, “A Time to Laugh.” The workshop has made its stops in New York and Houston. Donna is a contributing writer to Bolton’s book, "Living It Down By Laughing It Up: Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments," "Saying Goodbye Even When You Don't Want To," and "Scriptwriting," which will be available in 2006. She has also opened for Sandi Patti and written for and toured with Chonda Pierce.

Donna has also co-hosted a morning shows in New York City and Detroit. She has also written comedy segments, commercials and performed numerous voice-overs in radio.

Oh, and by the way Donna’s an accomplished playwright (“She’s Made From Man, But All Of Woman”-Lamb’s Theatre, Times Square) and successful actress (NBC, Lifetime).

• Pax's Bananas Comedy Show (National)
• 3 Military Tours (Honduras, Cuba, Puerto Rico, England, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands,Germany)
• Wrote and voiced comedy segments on radio in Detroit (103.5 WMUZ)
• Caroline's Comedy Club, NYC
• Standup New York, NYC
• The New York Comedy Club, NYC
• The Lamb's Theatre, NYC
• NBC, Lifetime Television (National)
• Toured with Chonda Pierce (National)
• Opened for Sandy Patti (Salvation Army Theater, NYC)
• Contributing writer for Martha Bolton (3 books)
• Numerous churches around the nation, retreats, benefits, corporate and clubs.

... and nobody knows what direction East will head next!


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