"Pass It On" Ministry


Would the women in your congregation enjoy a day of worship and renewal designed just for them? If so, please allow me to tell you about an exciting opportunity “Pass It On” Ministries can offer your church. We are a group of women dedicated to uplifting our sisters in Christ through worship, prayer, skits and life-experience testimonies. Our mission is to “Refine” in women a fiery heart for Christ and to encourage them to “pass it on” to those whom Christ puts in their path.

We are eager to pass on the love that has been passed on to us through Christ Jesus, in a way that will meet people where they are in their walk with the Lord. Therefore, we strive to customize our retreat to fit your church’s personality, specifically designing them to match the needs of the women in your church. We will work closely with you to assure everyone who attends will grow through the experience.

We believe that “passing it on” should not be cost-prohibitive for any seeker, and therefore offer our conference services for a minimal charge. Because this is an outreach ministry, there is no fee charged to any church sponsoring a conference. However, we do recommend the hosting church charge a small registration fee as a means of inviting a commitment from the women of the church to participate. Additionally, because Pass It On is an outreach ministry, we would like to take a love offering so we can continue to “pass it on!”

If you would like to learn more about “Pass It On” Ministries, or are interested in booking a conference at your church, please contact Deb Lanier at 513-678-8317 or visit us at www.passitonministries.net or email POMspeaker@aol.com