Cathy M. Schock


My name is Cathy M. Schock and was born in 1951. I was dedicated as a child of God at that time. Later I made a personal committment to Jesus Christ, on May 17, 1987 and had a supernatural touch from Him. After a depressed suicide attempt and hospital stay, I returned to finish and get a BFA degree in Oil Painting. I began a Moms in Touch International prayer group in 1989-1994, for our Van Buren School and is still going strong today. Currently the present leader has 30 mothers and two dads praying for the whole school K-12. Praise the Lord!!!

In May 1990-1993, I took the task of fulfilling a 90-hour day and night International Bible Reading Marathon at our courthouse downtown. It took 368 families to publicly read the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation and God provided more than enough families to volunteer. In 1990, I joined Women's Aglow and became president in January 1994-1996. I also became a Mary Kay consultant 1994-2005 but I used this as an Evangelistc effort. During 1994, I also did a 40-day fast of water only to seek the Lord as to what HE may want for our city and county. Several months later, I received a vision and Isaiah 62 as His Word to be fulfilled.

I then was asked to take a National Day of Prayer position for our county from 1995-1998. Later in 1999-2001, I was asked to pray for as well to work with regionally leaders and pastors of five counties in Northwest Ohio. Another woman, Janis Hoye and myself, prayed and worked on two 12-foot banners which expressed Isaiah 62 and are still being used in our city churches today. The details and descriptions are on my website:

In June 1997, I lost my precious prayer partner to bone cancer. The Lord asked me to make a "major change" of leaving the Catholic Church and got water baptized in a Foursquare church. At Oral Roberts University in 1998, I was supernaturally touched and called by God to dance before Him at 45 years of age. Later I began attending prophetic conferences and prayed to God for a dance team. My husband, Larry of 36 years, decided to become a member of a Church of God, where we currently attend. I was on this dance team from 2000-2005. However, I had wondered what may happen if I took a "blank canvas" and lifted up my paint brushes and asked the Lord how I may bless Him and love Him with color and themes? I frankly told Him I didn't know how to bless Him and if He may teach me. As an anointed CD played, The Heavens opened up and He literally poured out His Spirit upon me for hours. I was quite amazed!!!

Also during this time, there was much division in my marriage as I was growing spiritually so quickly. Out of four children three of them (including myself, before making a strong committment to the Lord,) were suicidal and depressed since childhood. Currently my second son has come out of this, my daughter and myself have overcome in the Lord Jesus Christ. However my youngest is still working out his testimony. I am grateful to the Lord that my brush and paintings quietly speak a 1,000 words of His Great Love, Joy and Hope. The Lord has me currently as a doorkeeper of prayer at a Jewish/Italian deli downtown in the city of Findlay and Hancock County. The Lord has assured me He has written His "John Hancock" on this county. I have a bottle of oil beside me for any prayer needs which may arise and freely and openly pray for others there. I travel with my easel across the country and am used to bring words of hope, joy, encouragement, healing, impartation and release an activation to others. It is my desire to be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, to His People and to set the captives free.


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