Dr. Lisa Marling


"I decided to kill my grandfather..." and so begins the memoir of a woman trying to find her way through the darkness that shades a life of abuse. Lisa Marling's harrowing and tragic story becomes one of laughter, redemption, forgiveness and a personal walk with God through a childhood of torture, rape, and incest centered in the gardens.

Lisa's story confirms that there is a God, and He reigns. Born and raised in the Richmond, Indana area, Dr. Marling's life has been anything but idyllic or peaceful. At the age of about two, she began a journey through eleven years of horror. At the age of thirteen, she planned her grandfather's murder.

The subsequent years were filled with all that follows such a childhood. Then one day God called and Lisa answered that call. She talks about the power of forgiveness, the strength of God's hug, and the joy of a life full of compassion, self acceptnce and a daily walk with God. Your heart will be touched by the message God pours forth about vengenance, denial, deceit and sin.


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)