Deborah Ross


DEBORAH ROSS… Contagious Faith!

Four callings ~ one anointed person.

God has called Deborah Ross to four areas of ministry, making her dynamic in any setting! As a speaker, writer, singer, and choreographer, God uses her multiple giftings to powerfully impact others for Christ.

As a SPEAKER and writer, Deborah is uniquely able to connect with all ages while crossing denominational and ethnic borders. Her powerful teachings impart faith, hope and love according to the life-giving principles in God’s Word. Deborah Ross has an exceptional ministry style that is bold, transparent, anointed and liberating!

Deborah's love for music is evident each time she shares in song. The atmosphere changes as audiences are exhorted to magnify the Lord with a heart of praise. From contemporary gospel to praise and worship, her soulful genre touches the musical passion of most everyone.

The testimony of Deborah Ross includes her painful journey in a marriage that was up-side-down for eighteen years. As one who has overcome marital adversity that seemed insurmountable, Deborah is compelled to help others fight the good fight of faith in the saving of their own marriage. Her personal stories, sprinkled with light humor and heartfelt tears emerge deep from within her – captivating her audience – ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit who is able and willing to break bondages of despair and set the captives free. Healing a Broken Marriage is available through most online bookstores and in E-Books.

Deborah Ross (AKA: Debbie Garrett-Ross) enjoyed twenty years in business ownership as the artistic director of three simultaneous dance and modeling studios. Some of her credits include: Narroway Christian Productions; WAXN - "Voice for Truth"; WTVI - Membership Drives; Television of Brasil; Paramount Carowinds; Charlotte's Southpark Magazine; Miss North Carolina & Miss Mississippi Pageants; Local Theater; WATC Atlanta Live; WGGS-TV16; WBTV... the list goes on.

Drawing from her ongoing background in television, stage and theater, God uses Deborah's CONTAGIOUS FAITH and anointed Bible teachings to impact the nations as she ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ world-wide.

Her interviews, feature stories and teachings have been broadcast: The CBN 700 Club; Babbie's House; Atlanta Live; CTN's Herman and Sharron; Florida South Newspaper; Kontagious Magazine; Prison Ministry; Addiction Ministry; Marriage Conferences; Keepin' it Real Women's Conferences and more...


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