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Kim Coleman Kim Coleman - Charlotte, North Carolina

Kim Coleman can be described as a fast-paced, high-energy, on fire for God Christian Comic! With her no-nonsense approach to being an "older" mom with "young" kids, a wife, and a church volunteer you can bet intense laughter will insue once she hits the stage. learn more
Joyce Simmons Joyce Simmons - Birmingham, AL

Author, Conference Speaker and founder of Dynamic Family Ministries. Joyce's passion is to reach women, families and the corporate marketplace to encourage and inspire. Her quick wit and humor makes every event a memorable one and points toward the amazing power of God in the life of every Believer. Women's events are life... learn more
Phil Heimlich Phil Heimlich - Cincinnati, Ohio

Phil Heimlich is the host of "Hard Truths, a radio program on the Salem Broadcasting Network, offering weekend talk and daily commentary. Hard Truths focuses on straight talk about government and politics from a perspective that is honest and hard-hitting. "Hard Truths," says Heimlich, "seeks the difficult... learn more
Gail Dudley Gail E. Dudley - Columbus, Ohio

Gail is known for her caring heart, and her warm and friendly personality. A committed Christian focused on perfecting the saints for ministry, she is a true servant of God, an author and conference and workshop speaker who finds joy in helping Christians to become “Ministry-Minded, Ministry-Equipped, Ministry-Motivated, and... learn more
Sandra Vogel Sandra Vogel, PhD - Lebanon, Ohio

Dr. Sandra Vogel is an international trainer, speaker and facilitator. She is interested in speaking and training opportunities that require interactive techniques with audiences or key note presentations. Sandra has been certified in DDI, Achieve Global, DISC, Kepner Tregoe Analysis and is a graduate of “The Center for... learn more
Tiffany Peterson Tiffany Peterson - Cincinnati, OH

Tiffany's goal is to share the consequences of drunk driving, bring Hope to the hurting, Truth to the uncertain, Forgiveness of self and others to the troubled and share what is possible only through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In September 2007, Tiffany started a ministry called Moment to Moment CHOICES to encourage... learn more
Linda Horn Linda R Horn - Harrison, OH

"I Never Wanted To Be a Bag Lady" is the personal and inspirational story of Linda Horn’s evidence of the power and constant presence of God. She takes you through her seemingly impossible journey with such conviction that you truly feel all things are indeed possible. learn more
Joyce Olver Joyce Olver

I am a graduate of American Airlines Flight School, the International Air Academy, as well as Clackamas Community College with a major in psychology and a minor in both graphic arts and performing arts. I went on to own and operate a performing arts team from 1976 until 2000, along with opening a performing arts school called,... learn more
Glenda Randall Glenda Randall - Cincinnati, Ohio

learn more
Stephanie Olson Stephanie Olson - Omaha, Nebraska

Stephanie Olson is a speaker and worship leader who has a mission to share about God's abounding grace and great love for all of us. In her straightforward yet humorous manner, she delights in sharing how we can all have victory in Christ. Whether you are looking for a speaker or a speaker and a worship leader, Stephanie... learn more
Pat Baldridge Pat Baldridge - Charlotte, North Carolina

Pat Baldridge is the President and Co-Founder of Women’s Initiative Network, a soon-to-be national Christian organization for working women. As a professional speaker, trainer, author and columnist, her role as President merges her passion for ministering to women and her business expertise as a corporate trainer. Baldridge... learn more
Agnes Spurlock Agnes Spurlock - Mason, Ohio

As the TV commercial says, life comes at you fast! The demands of our everyday lives create a cluttered and hectic existence. As we struggle to be all things to all people, we sometimes become so stressed that living a balanced life seems impossible. After suffering a stroke and having the doctors conclude there was... learn more
Kerri Pomarolli Kerri Pomarolli - Los Angeles, CA

Kerri Pomarolli believes it is her duty to affirm her faith while making people laugh. Kerri just recently interviewed on CNN Headline News Showbiz Tonight about the controversy of Christians in Hollywood. She feels that today’s mainstream media has enabled Christian voices to be heard and that there is a movement in a form of... learn more
Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum - Loveland, Ohio

Dr Rosenbaum is a member of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists. For over 8 years she hosted her own radio show 'Your Holistic Health' on WMKV 89.3 FM in Cincinnati and the internet station Dr. Rosenbaum is a holistic clinical pharmacist, & Founder & CEO of Rx Integrative... learn more
Brooke Billingsley Brooke Billingsley - Indianapolis, Indiana

Brooke speaks to people who want to live out their dreams but don’t know how. She talks about being captivated by the love of Jesus Christ and how that passion can transform you in your everyday life. Offering solutions to you so you can begin to experience the incredible journey God wants to take you on. learn more