Couples and Marriage Ministry

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M. Sadell Bradley M. Sadell Bradley - Cincinnati, OH

"I'm about helping others experience God, building bridges of understanding, and opening doors to imagination. In our hands is the creative power and ability to bring into existence what has never been seen or heard before..." Sadell Bradley is a dynamic teacher and worship leader and licensed minister. She and her... learn more
Vicki Feinn Vicki Feinn

Vicki Feinn is the homeschooling mom of six children and has been married for 27 years. Vicki draws on her personal experience to encourage others to "Run In To Jesus" and make Him the focus of their lives. Vicki often adds humor to her presentations and her candid, enthusiastic love for Jesus is clearly evident in... learn more
Kerri Pomarolli Kerri Pomarolli - Los Angeles, CA

Kerri Pomarolli believes it is her duty to affirm her faith while making people laugh. Kerri just recently interviewed on CNN Headline News Showbiz Tonight about the controversy of Christians in Hollywood. She feels that today’s mainstream media has enabled Christian voices to be heard and that there is a movement in a form of... learn more
Bob and Yvonne Turnbull Bob & Yvonne Turnbull - La Quinta, California

Encouraging, educational, and entertaining are but a few words that describe Bob and Yvonne Turnbull and their speaking and writing ministry. They are a husband and wife team who for the past 25 years have both traveled thousands of miles and spoken before thousands of people, as well as authored nine books, to give their... learn more
Deborah Ross Deborah Ross - Indian Trail, NC

Called & Chosen ~ I am on a mission to STRENGTHEN FAMILIES & ENCOURAGE WOMEN! My passion is to seek God's anointing, enabling me to minister with a "Contagious Faith"... a faith that resonates deep within the hearts of desperate humanity. Imparting Biblical truths, mixed with personal testimony, my... learn more
Sherman Bradley Sherman B. Bradley - Cincinnati, Ohio

As a communicator Sherman B. Bradley has become a gifted speaker, motivator and community activist. As Vice President of City Gospel Mission i've seen face to face poverty pain and hopelessness. God has given me a message reiterating, "I am essential, my message is essential and this is what I was born to do!" I... learn more