Musician and Worship Teams

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Connie Ryan Connie Ryan - West Chester, Ohio

"If you will worship...they will worship." This is what the Lord spoke to my heart while leading worship one random Sunday morning. My heart's desire is simply to lead by example. I yearn to find that deeper place in God through praise and worship, do you? Let's go there together... learn more
M. Sadell Bradley M. Sadell Bradley - Cincinnati, OH

"I'm about helping others experience God, building bridges of understanding, and opening doors to imagination. In our hands is the creative power and ability to bring into existence what has never been seen or heard before..." Sadell Bradley is a dynamic teacher and worship leader and licensed minister. She and her... learn more
Natalie Nichols Natalie Nichols - Nacogdoches, Texas

In the midst of devastating illness, Natalie Nichols came to rely on the Word of God to sustain her Ė and now through Shades of Grace Ministries, she shares a heartfelt message of Godís comfort for lifeís trials. Natalie takes Godís grace to audiences across the nation and around the world, proclaiming the truth and power... learn more