"Pass It On" Ministry  

Deb Lanier - Founder/President

After receiving a vision about a “women’s retreat on wheels” ministry, Deb is excited and passionate about “passing on” what has been so freely given to her – the love of Jesus. She desires to encourage others to receive His love, follow the Great Commission and “pass it on”. Deb is a professional counselor, a retired high school educator and coach. She serves as a member of “Water through the Word” Board of Trustees, is involved with N. KY Emmaus Community and leads worship for the Hamilton County Justice System. Deb is a mother of two adult children, and is a grandmother.

How to contact "Pass It On" Ministry

"Pass It On" Ministry
POM c/o Fastback
500 W Main St
Batavia, Ohio 45013

Phone: 513-678-8317
Email: POMspeaker@aol.com
Website: www.passitonministries.net


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