Bob & Yvonne Turnbull  

Encouraging, educational, and entertaining are but a few words that describe Bob and Yvonne Turnbull and their speaking and writing ministry.

They are a husband and wife team who for the past 25 years have both traveled thousands of miles and spoken before thousands of people, as well as authored nine books, to give their message of hope and help in building relationships that last.

Their speaking and writing was berthed out of their own personal life experiences. The Turnbulls met in Hawaii where Bob was internationally known as The Chaplain of Waikiki Beach. After building a friendship for three years, they entered into marriage and, like so many, had high expectations but little preparation.

Misunderstandings, selfishness and hurts just kept piling on. During this time they were sharing with others how Christ changes lives, yet wondered why it wasn't working in their own marriage. Frustrated, they cried out to God for help. When they finally totally surrendered to Him, God started a work of restoration and renewal, and turned their marriage of crisis into a marriage of celebration.

Bob and Yvonne then started sharing in their own church (Saddleback Valley Community Church, Lake Forest, CA) the many new areas of life the Lord was teaching them about, including building God honoring relationships. Based on their own real-life experiences, educational backgrounds, and their deepened commitment to the Lord, they were teaching people how to practically apply the principles of the Bible to their marriage and family.

Bob and Yvonne's presentation style have them speak side by side, interacting with one another and with their audience. Add to this their humor and transparency and people feel as though they are sitting in their living room having a personal chat. Bob and Yvonne often teach from real life drama, drawing on Bob's background as a movie and TV actor. They leave a memorable impact as they captivate an audience and challenge them to return home and respond to what God has taught them. All of the Turnbull seminars are personal, practical and positive because of their desire to help change lives for Christ.

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