Dr. Lisa Marling  

"I decided to kill my grandfather..." Lisa's harrowing and tragic story becomes one of laughter, redemption, forgiveness and a personal walk with God through a childhood of torture, rape, and incest. Lisa's life confirms that there is a God and He reigns. Transformational and informational, Lisa offers equal doses of reality and spirituality.

How to contact Dr. Lisa Marling

Dr. Lisa Marling
Marling Ministries
P.O. Box 169
145 N. Main Street
Somerville, Ohio 45064

Phone: 513-291-4033
Email: lisa@marlingministries.com
Website: www.marlingministries.com


I will travel nationally and internationally.


Fees depend upon travel requirements and type of speaking engagement.

Lisa Marling


  • Radio Interview
    (Erin Campbell Ministries Radio Program)