Phil Heimlich  

Phil Heimlich is the host of "Hard Truths, a radio program on the Salem Broadcasting Network, offering weekend talk and daily commentary. Hard Truths focuses on straight talk about government and politics from a perspective that is honest and hard-hitting. "Hard Truths," says Heimlich, "seeks the difficult answers where they can best be found in the pages of history, through our own common sense, and most importantly in the Word of God."

Phil graduated with Distinction from Stanford University in 1975 and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1979. While serving as Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor in Cincinnati, Phil specialized in the criminal prosecution of felony cases, including murder, rape, robbery, assault and white-collar offenses Phil was elected to Cincinnati City Council from 1993-2001 and as Hamilton County Commissioner from 2002-2006. In his role as fiscal watchdog, Phil exposed massive waste at the taxpayer-funded Drake Hospital - waste that was jeopardizing care and threatening to bankrupt the facility. He saved both the hospital and millions of taxpayer dollars by working with the Drake Board, the University of Cincinnati, and the Health Alliance to improve the hospitalís management and end the countyís tax levy.

As city council member and county commissioner, Phil was a strong supporter of law enforcement. He initiated Cincinnatiís teen curfew, passed laws restricting strip clubs and porn shops, and began the cityís highly successful Citizens on Patrol program.

In addition to his work as an elected official, Phil established Riverside Academy, a K-6 grade charter school, and the Life Skills Center, a charter school providing academic instruction, job training and job placement for high school dropouts. He was the co-founder of the Cincinnati Children's Scholarship Fund that has raised $3.5 million for scholarships for low-income children to attend private schools.

How to contact Phil Heimlich

5909 Stewart Road, Suite 1
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Phone: 513-515-7445


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