Deborah Ross  

Called & Chosen ~ I am on a mission to STRENGTHEN FAMILIES & ENCOURAGE WOMEN! My passion is to seek God's anointing, enabling me to minister with a "Contagious Faith"... a faith that resonates deep within the hearts of desperate humanity. Imparting Biblical truths, mixed with personal testimony, my transparent presentations bring captive audiences into worship as both laughter and tears testify to the sentiment of God's message. If you are looking for a God ordained speaker/singer who is effective, purposeful, enthusiastic, animated, magnetic, compelling, fresh, sincere, and relevant...I am the one!

My new book, "Healing a Broken Marriage" ( is a powerful teaching testimonial of my personal marriage journey that was upside-down for 18 years. Having overcome marital adversity that seemed insurmountable, I am compelled to share my story so that countless others in marital hardships will be encouraged and empowered to stand strong in their faith - believing God for their miracle. My message is: "God wants your family WHOLE!"

Speaking, Singing, Writing, and Dancing in Spirit and Truth!

How to contact Deborah Ross

Deborah Ross
Deborah Ross Ministries
P.O. Box 2186
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Phone: 980-722-8764
Fax: 704-684-1111


Travels from Charlotte, NC.


Negotiable $850-$3500 plus travel


Healing a Broken Marriage: Love Never Fails

Book - God wants your family whole! Healing a Broken Marriage is a lifeline to help you find answers to some of your most secret questions about real and raw marital hardships.(Bible study at the end of each chapter.)

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