Joyce Simmons


Harold Herring, President Debt Free Army, Ft Worth, TX. "I have have attended numerous seminars, read countless books, heard hundreds of sermons on family issues but never heard anyone speak with the passion, wit and practicality of Joyce."

Rev. Patrick Ondrey, Ondrey International Ministries, Ft Worth, TX. "HOME FREE is an innovative, results orientated family ministry event - a MUST for every church."

Pastor Cyprian Williams, St Kitts West Indies. "Joyce's HOME FREE Family Seminar changed the lives of our people forever!"

Rev. David & Norma Jean Mainse, 100 Huntley St TV, Toronto, Canada "Joyce helped establish the WOMEN WHO WIN conferences 18 years ago and this powerful event continues to change lives. We highly recommend her to any pastor knowing her ministry is genuine, effective and God driven."

Pastor Jeff Whittmer, Sandusky, Ohio. "HOME FREE helped our church gain a new vision. My wife and I were personally changed through this event."

Pastor Vivienne Brown, Rose of Sharon, Kahului, HI "Every pastor should seize the opportunity for Joyce's ministry. Your church will never be the same!"

Pastor Tina Archer, Puyallup Foursquare, Puyallup, WA "Joyce's approach is unique, powerful and anointed. We laughed...we cried...and we were greatly encouraged."



  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)