Donna East


"Donna East is a consummate pro and a very funny person. She is a delight to work with."

Steve Arons, New York Comedy Club


"Donna East makes me laugh right out loud! Her comedy brings forth the reality that laughter is healing medicine for the soul. It's evident she's committed."

John Calhoun, former Director Lamb's Theatre,
Times Square, New York City


"She's one of the club's most popular comics. Time and time again, at Stand-Up NY we recommended her comedy to callers booking comedians."

Richard Brooks, Club Manager


"Even though I was laughing on the inside, I almost spilled my tea. We are amused."

Queen of England


"I enjoy watching Donna every chance I get."

God, all the way from Cloud Nine



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    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)

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