Kim Coleman


" Thank you again for being a part of our Lakewood Summit." Your performance on Friday evening was a BIG HIT! As always, you are such a pleasure to work with!

Wendell Burton
Director of Creative Ministries
Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

"Kim's warmth and humor had our ladies laughing hysterically as she relayed her perception of the everyday life of women in a way which everyone could relate. Her message of God's redeeming grace in her life touched many hearts and opened the door for us to experience it anew."

Cheryl Markland
Women's Ministry Team
First Baptist Church of Matthews, NC

"I've never seen so many women laughing so hard!"
Kim is hysterical, she is able to reach women across generations with her wit and humor. She is blessed with the gift of laughter!"

Cindi Heafner
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Marshville, NC