Set Me Free Ministries


Lori – An awesome experience…again!

Carrie – I was truly blessed – God is doing an AMAZING work in you – Keep following His call!

Nicolle – Thank you so much for letting God speak through you today. I felt so blessed and truly feel like a new reputation is heading my way!! Thank you to all the team.

Jami – Can I get a WOO WOO!! That was awesome! Great job Set Me Free Ministries folks!!

Tonia – It’s so great to see God working through people who are willing to be used!! You all have very special gifts and He spoke through each of you! What a blessing!!

Tamika – Thank you for reconfirming for me that I am freed and forgiven and I can and should move forward…I always need to hear that. ☺ Something happened today that I can’t explain. Words fail me.

Marcia – What a wonderful day! Thank you for listening to God’s call and sharing your ministry with us!

Kim – You touched my heart. Your witnessing is a blessing to all. Thank you for all you are doing, have done, and will do in the future. So many lives depend on knowing His word.

Tracey -- What a beautiful day! Amazing. I saw my mother-in-law today and she said she kept thinking about it all night. Her and her sister were there and were so amazed at how impactful (don't know if that is a word) the whole day was. So am I!!!!! He is amazing!!!!!

Katie – It was so refreshing for me to be around other like-minded women who are passionate and full of gratitude for what God has delivered them from. It made me want more! Being a stay at home mom is a blessing but it is hard for me not to get into the daily rut of survival and routine tasks. I often feel drained and empty and then simply numb. This conference reminded me of who I really am and who I want to be-which is more like Christ.

Diane – I’m still living in the after glow of the Set Me Free conference.

Kristin – It was truly a privilege to watch God in action using the amazing talents of all of the speakers, dancers, drama, skit, singers, tech crew, greeters, clean up crew…truly amazing to witness such a powerful day!!! God is at work! Thanks again for the wonderful blessing the day provided!!! You all rock!!!