Kerri Pomarolli


It is my joy and privilege to commend the ministry of ďAct in Faith.Ē The depth, creativity and quality of the dramas produced by Act in Faith have had a significant and lasting impact in our congregation. Gary has been very cooperative in designing skits that dovetail smoothly into the weekend message.

Chris Cannon
Senior Pastor, Kingís Harbor Church


Act in Faith poignantly and dramatically portrays reality with humor, suspense, and sensitivity that speaks to the heart.

Doreen Hanna
Founder, South Bay Womenís Outreach


Your presentations are moving, powerful, real and right to the point.

Gia Fritz
Redondo Beach


I appreciate the dynamic way your ministry reaches ďthe everymanĒ. Christian or not. I am drawn in each time I see a skit. The scripts are written in such a way that leaves room for the Holy Spirit to move. And because of that, I have been moved either to change a pattern in my life or encouraged to go deeper in my walk with the Lord.

Roxann Harris
Redondo Beach


Act in Faith performed at my youth rally and were a hit... just what I hoped for to make this year's 30 Hour Famine better than the last. Their improvisation team had the kids engaged and laughing the whole time, and their original drama sketch was creative and powerful. This is a top notch group.

Evan Chase
Co-founder, United 2 Serve


Act in Faith are gifted writers and actors, yet it is the Holy Spiritís anointing upon them that reaches the listener. I have seen an entire audience captivated by their relevant, honest, humorous, and touching portrayals. Biblical truths of Godís love are planted in each listenerís heart. The truth of Godís unconditional love brought me to tears.

David Harris
Record/Soundtrack Producer, Worsh


As someone who has been involved with the entertainment industry for 20 years, I find these modern day parables to be excellent, compelling, disarming, challenging and refreshing. The players are professionals (wonderful at their craft) who have given themselves over to a message that has changed their lives.

Loren Johnson
Recording Artist/Producer, Worship Leader


Every time Act in Faith has performed at our church God has used it in a significant way to communicate Godís love and truth. They never fail to touch our hearts.

Mike and Susan Prock
Rancho Palos Verdes


I have been touched and inspired by the ministry of Act in Faith. Their ability to use true to life dramatic presentations in order to teach Biblical principles is powerful and unique. It is like watching modern day parables played out before your eyes.

Cathy Dreger
Director of Womenís Ministries
Kingís Harbor Church



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