Linda S Fitzgerald

Statement of Faith

Jesus Christ is Lord!

God is the eternal heavenly Father (my Papa in Heaven) and is all in all, forever and ever! Jesus is His only begotten Son and existed in the Father from before the world began. In union with them is the Holy Spirit and as three persons in One, they rule and reign Supreme!

I believe in the full and complete operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit now as in the past and believe and know they will continue to operate forever and ever.

I know that when we accept and receive the Gift of Salvation that our Lord won for us at the Cross, we experience a new nature in the spirit and enter into a very personal relationship with the Lord. I know that He communes with us in many different ways and forms. I believe, know, and experience that through an intimate, personal relationship with Him, He brings about a transformation in our inner life and being as we cooperate fully with Him.

I believe in the resurrection of the dead and life eternal with Him in a glorified body as He promises in Scripture.

I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, revealed miracuously to men through the Power of the Holy Spirit and that it is our authority in all matters on earth and in the heavenlies.

I believe that Jesus died for everyone and desires that all shall receive and accept, knowing that some will not. I believe that Jesus will come again in glory and I know that one day we shall see face to face what we have seen now only through veiled eyes!