Angi Reno

Statement of Faith

I became a Christian at the age of 13. I feel that the trials and tribulations that I have dealt with in my 43 yrs of life while I at one time did not understand them have led me to where I am today, to spread Gods word. I have just come to the end of a struggle and had I not had Faith in God I am not sure that I would be sitting here today. At the end of this journey I have seen that God has a greater calling for my life and that is to help other women who are struggling with the day to day battles of life. And that we all Walk by Faith and not by Sight and that God is the Only Judge and once we Repent of our Sins and ask for Forgiveness, It Is Done. Praise God for Answering my Prayers and Blessing me beyond belief. I burst with excitement to share my testimony, my life and my passion for God.