Glenda Randall


Bad Women of the Bible

I've stopped being insulted by the fact that my name pops up when women's groups begin a book study of Liz Curtis Higgs' bestseller, Bad Women of the Bible. I like to think that it's not my sins that are the main attraction (2 abortions, 2 divorces, sex, drugs and rock n'roll), but the foriveness of those sins by a loving Savior. Lives are transformed and the enemy is defeated when we experience and truly accept His unconditional gifts of grace and mercy.


What could a modern-day women at the well possibly know about purity? After a riotous youth, I embraced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ after an unwanted divorce at the age of 49. I instantly began to slip into old dating habits. Using my beautiful daughter's life as a Godly example, I made a commitment to purity. As a self-diagnosed sexual addict, I decided to forgo dating "for a while". That was almost eight years ago. Wow! What an exciting life it has been! I am a born again virgin and proud of it! My lovely 25-year-old daughter, Ashley, is also happy to share her moving commitment to purity.


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)