Bob & Yvonne Turnbull


TeamMates Marriage Seminar

I WISH MY MATE HAD COME WITH AN INSTRUCTION MANUAL Opposites attract - they get married - then they attack. Instead, each couple needs to learn to attach. This session takes a humorous look at the male and female differences and gives practical suggestions on how those differences can actually be used to form a powerful marriage team. HE SAYS - SHE SAYS What husbands and wives say to each other - and how they say it - will determine the level of intimacy in their marriage. In this session couples will discover what can cause barriers to be erected in their communication, and the three techniques that can remove the barriers. HELP! WHAT DOES MY MATE WANT? Since men and women are very different they often misinterpret what their spouse needs or wants. By learning to identify those needs, every mate can have a greater love and desire for one another. In this session a wife will learn how to be the woman of her husband's dreams and a husband will learn how to be the man of his wife's dreams. HOW TO MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR MARRIAGE Most couples have the best intention of making changes to improve their marriage, but too often it all falls flat as they don't know how to go about it. In this session couples will learn how to follow a four step process that will help make changes that last. NOTE: Email or call us for listings of other topics.