Linda R Horn


"I Never Wanted To Be A Bag Lady"

"I Never Wanted to Be a Bag Lady" is the personal and inspirational story of Linda Hornís evidence of the power and constant presence of God. She takes you through her seemingly impossible journey with such conviction that you truly feel all things are indeed possible. This one hour speech will inspire you thru tears and laughter. Linda was widowed at 38 with 3 young children as they so nearly became homeless. With Godís help the impossible was accomplished in just 10 short years. She became president of her own company and a Millionaire. Lindaís animated presentation showing Godís preparation for her life begins at age 5 as she teaches women throughout America how God is always present in each and every day of their lives. From her colored baby chickís story that will have you laughing out loud thru your tears as you listen to the story of saving the life of her child you will be spell bound. Lindaís story is one of personal victory. No Victims only Victorís in this Motivational speech.