Dr. Lisa Marling


God in the Garden

Lisa's testimonial presentation of the harrowing and tragic story of her childhood and how that story becomes one of laughter, redemption, forgiveness and a personal walk with God after a childhood of torture, rape and incest.

The Power of Forgiveness or What Christopher Robin Knows That We Often Ignore

What is forgiveness? What does it mean? Why is it important? A look at the truths and misconceptions about forgiveness and the power it holds.

But Allesha's Mom is Letting Her Do It!

What we should do about being the only parent who will not allow our children to have any fun!

But I'm Not Perfect

A discussion of our ideas and misconceptions about who God calls to serve, and why He calls us.

Lessons I Wish Someone Had Taught Me

A light-hearted look at the things I wish someone had taught me, before I had to learn them the hard way.

Perpetrators and God

I look at how God loves even the most broken of us.

What's Wrong With My Wife?

A look at the many ways in which an abusive childhood can haunt a marriage and how God can deliver us from those behaviors.

What's Wrong With Me?

Whay do I keep winding up in the same place? Why do I keep making poor choices? How can I change my life?

Wicked: How Did I Get Cast in This Role?

A discussion of the blessing of being a step-parent and the mistakes we often make.


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)