Deborah Lovett



Session One: Covers the first three of seven points, teaching women how to connect with others like Jesus. It also discusses the pros and cons of connecting with high tech equipment. Session Two: Covers the last four points--bringing women to the realization that the Christian walk is not about pew sitting, or what goes on inside the four walls of the church but rather motivates them to move outside their comfort zones andconnect with people that may not be like themselves, sharing Christ's love. Deborah feels very passionate about this message for today's woman! This message also is drawn from the well of John chapter four!

Bootcamp: ARISE!

This is a three session conference written to empower women to live above their circumstances, receive Christ or be revived in Christ and learn to encourage others by forgiving, giving and living! This conference is everyone's favorite because Deborah brings the two items left behind by her Heavenly Father after her home burned to the ground. Women leave passionately on fire for God!

Beauty from Ashes

This is a moving session on real life happenings in the life of Deborah and her family and how GOD worked it all out. Deborah takes you through the steps of prayer to take you out of the rut and get you moving in Kingdom direction!


  • Radio Interview
    (Interview with Erin Campbell aired on Water through the Word Broadcasting)