Agnes Spurlock


Life – A Balancing Act

We all want to live our lives in balance, but finding balance is often difficult in today’s busy and chaotic world. While trying to manage a life that is filled with mental, emotional, situational, spiritual, physical and relational clutter we often experience feelings of fatigue, anger, depression, loneliness and hopelessness. Combining spiritual encouragement, humor and practical application, this presentation offers a balanced approach to finding order and peace for today’s overwhelmed woman.

I Want What You Have

Agnes was looking forward to Christmas when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In this touching presentation, she shares the lessons learned and the wonderful opportunities God placed in her path during this amazing journey.

Handprints and Footprints

Let Agnes help you discover who has impacted your life with a handprint or a footprint. Discover the importance of relationships with all of the significant people in your life, even those who are there for only a “season.”

Downsizing and Living Clutter Free

Agnes and her husband downsized to a small condo and learned valuable lessons about the significance of “stuff.” Through humor and encouragement, this presentation will help you learn to repurpose your “stuff” and offer tips to simplify your life no matter how busy and crazy it is where you live.

Parenting Your Parents

Reversing roles with your parent is never easy, but we often don’t have a choice. Most people come to the caregiving role with no training, and little if any information, and no preparation time. This presentation will offer an encouraging perspective to manage the journey that surprisingly leads to a sense of fulfillment. This talk can also include how to recover from losing a loved one.

The Joy of Christmas

Has your Christmas holiday become nothing more than a hectic, stressed and joyless holiday? It took a stroke to help Agnes slow down and recapture the true meaning of Christmas. This presentation will offer organizational solutions that will allow even the busiest woman to slow down to enjoy this most joyous season.