Karen A. McCracken


Girls ROCK Conference Sat. Feb. 21st

Dallas/Fort Worth area Church of the Nazarene at Flowermound. And all girls, all about Christ event. Celebrate being a girl for God! Wear your Pajamas and slippers.

Running On E'

Running On E' is a full conference experience that consists of three complete sessions: 1) Desperate Prayer Lives A moving, inspirational and humorous look at taking time out for prayer and the importance of doing so! Includes Karen’s personal testimony, prayer plan & side-stitching humor. 2) Running On E’ A biblically based, warm & important topic that ALL women can relate to on eliminating the bad fuels in our lives and learning how to refuel & rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with Godly fuel! 3) PMS - Praising My Savior A fresh, funny & meaningful look at nurturing a change in your life through learning to Praise God no matter your circumstances! Move beyond your body image & female pains into a place of being able to Praise God even in the midst of… (each of the above can be broken down into individual topics rather than once conference if desired)

The View's Great From Up Here

Karen helps guide men and women you through the spiritual side of soaring to new heights! A Self-esteem building workshop that helps you gain some perspective on the view from where you are to the view from where you could be! Ever wonder why you can’t seem to reach an emotional or spiritual high like others do? Find out what weighs you down and how to lighten those burdens and allow yourself to soar!


A totally teen esteem workshop for 6th thru 12th graders! Most teens are not sure why they feel low. When they say "I don't know", a lot of times they really don't know. At some point every teen feels like he or she doesn't fit in or feels as if they're not good enough. Karen is here to share that it’s all got a little something to do with…Whatever! Find out what that Whatever is and how to make a heart and mind shift during this workshop on teen self-esteem and identifying who we are in Christ.

Girls R.O.C.K.

“Girls ROCK” is a program for pre-teen and teenaged girls. This casual, relaxed workshop offers a special time for youth to be with their youth pastors, counselors and mentors, guided by Karen…where they feel comfortable opening up! This program covers current trends, statistics and fads that can hurt our girls’ self esteem. A genuine and easy jolt into reality, with a touch of laughter and silliness starts this workshop out. The format for this workshop is a casual and comfortable Christian atmosphere where your teens can feel free to open up and ask questions as well as share some life-changing information. The goal of this workshop is to boost self esteem, self-awareness and get to the root of how to deal with real issues (purity, drugs, eating disorders) in a real way by using facts, scripture and biblical principles to show teens that God does understand them and He has an answer to their questions and a plan for their life! Showing the girls how to understand who they are starts with them knowing WHOSE they are. (Girls ROCK is often done in a day or evening slumber party format but that is optional.)

So Many Rituals, So Little Time

Straight from the pages of Karen's first book, "So Many Rituals, So Little Time" is a moving, detailed, sometimes tearful and often humorous look at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from the inside out. Go on this journey with her as she takes you from her first memories of obsessive behaviors at the age of eight through to the exact moment she first discovered this oddity in her life actually had a name. Laugh, cry and rejoice with Karen as you learn how to apply her personal, Christ-centered, time-tested strategies for coping with and overcoming OCD. Come away from this workshop with a renewed sense of hope as she shares personal experiences, scripture and uplifting anecdotes that give you the following: An in-depth, real-life understanding of just what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is and how it affects the daily lives of those who have it. A step-by-step guide for building your faith and letting God have control over your fears and obsessive behaviors. How to keep OCD out of your prayer life and move into meaningful quiet time with God. Practical and purposeful tips on how to minimize the ritualistic behaviors that plague you. The How To's of managing to minimize the influence of the OCD while maximizing God’s presence in your daily life