Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum


Simple Abundance

Health represents the dichotomy of back-to-basics living and abundant joy. Holistic health is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of balance in mental (shepherd's heart), physical (steward's heart), emotional (servant's tender heart), spiritual (sacrifical heart), and social (generous heart) aspects of the human experience resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive. Learn about Christian empowerment and accountability for designing your personal holistic health toolkit.

Outfoxing Menopause With Natural Remedies

Many women prefer to stay away from prescription HRT hormones (estrogens and progesterones) or bio-identical prescription hormones during the peri-menopausal period because they worry about long term side effects. Dr. Cathy will talk about holistic alternatives to HRT medications including phytoestrogenic foods, dietary supplements, exercise, breathing techniques, Guided Imagery, Yoga, and acupressure.

Antioxidants And Health

Are you trying to lessen your risk of heart disease, cancer, memory loss, aging with the use of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supplements? Dr. Cathy will give you evidence-based information on diet and supplements that enhance health and wellness along with information on the potential side effects of mega-dosing.

Natural Alternatives For Arthritis Pain Management & Tips on Bone Health

Musculoskeletal diseases are among the top health issues in the country. Are prescription/OTC NSAIDs like Naprosyn and Celebrex safe to be used for years and years? The short answer is probably not! Dr. Cathy will give you 10 holistic health solutions for managing arthritis pain. She will follow up with 10 tips for bone health to reduce your risk of osteoporosis as you get older.

Herbs of the Bible

Dr. Cathy will talk about various herbs found in the Bible, cite the scripture verse where they are mentioned, give their historical biblical use, as well as their modern day indications.

Integrative Health Solutions For Memory Enhancement

Dr. Cathy believes that drugs are running our lives and there are other ways beyond prescriptions to better health. She will talk about holistic modalities to enhance memory at any age including dietary supplements, brain games, checking reversible memory loss, and more.

Integrative Approach to Workplace Wellness and Stress Management

Learn the difference between acute/daily stress and chronic stress and how to manage each using holistic health principles without prescription medications.

The Miracle Chaser

Dr. Cathy will give her testimony of faith as well as her professional Christian journey from the roots of a 'regular pharmacist' into a holistic child of God obeying His calling to embrace and educate on holistic health and medicine principles. Learn about her trip to China to study herbal research and global health care solutions as well as the many mysteries and health miracles in her father's life! God is awesome and miracles happen to each of us every day.

Eight Balance Points to New and Better Health

Back-to-basics living starts and ends with Christ. Dr. Rosenbaum will teach you how to build your personalized wellness road map one step at at time. The Eight Balance Points are intuitive (e.g., physical health, nutrition/supplements, sleep, exercise, emotions, spirit, environment, social/relationships). Health pearls within each point are priceless!

Debunking Myths About Dietary Supplements

Learn how to purchase quality dietary supplements and what to worry about regarding side effects and drug/supplement interactions. Review literature based pros/cons of taking calcium, vitamin D, omega 3 (fish oil, krill oil, flaxseed), probiotics, multiple vitamins, red yeast rice, melatonin, garcinia cambrogia, and others from a Christian doctor of pharmacy. Find out why the Mediterranean Diet is the world's gold standard for healthy eating.

Witnessing Christian Health Care Professionals

Have you wanted to boldly stand up for Christ in the workplace, but are too shy to try? Imagine the impact on health care reform in America if the doctor's office staff, hospital care givers, nursing home staff, Hospice staff prayed with you as their patient/resident! Many already do! We know that Christ is present in the healing, and overall life experience. Learn practical approaches to witnessing and participating in a prayer centered care giving ministry at work.

Unmasking Menopause

Let's have some applause for menopause! Learn about causes of menopausal symptoms, various hormonal therapies & their forms on the market, dietary supplements used to treat symptoms, and God's plan for you during this unique time of your life. Emphasis is placed on body mind and spiritual aspects of health and healing.


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