Stephanie Olson


Women With Issues

Stephanie dives deep into the Bible to look at the lives of three women; the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, and the woman forgiven much. Stephanie explores what Christ says about each of these women and how it applies to our lives today.

Stephanie's personal testimony - Sin Happens, Grace Redeems

Stephanie shares her own personal story. After the abandonment of her biological father, Stephanie tried desperately to fill the void her father left behind with anything she could. Years of alcoholism, eating disorders, and promiscuity did nothing to fill that void. It was only through the amazing grace of Jesus Christ that Stephanie was able to find her way back to the One who could truly fill the emptiness.

There's Freedom in Forgiveness

How many of us have someone in their life that is difficult to forgive? Stephanie sheds light on how even small offenses can hold us in bondage. The top misconceptions of forgiveness, and why God requires us, as Christians, to forgive. In this relevant message, Stephanie shares how to receive freedom through forgiveness.


What is it that makes you fearful? Stephanie takes on the topic of fear and insecurity. Discussing how important it is for women to recognize who they are in Christ. In Him, we can learn to be fearless.

Abide in Him

Stephanie shares the importance of abiding in the One who loves us more than anyone, Jesus. Jesus wants a personal, intimate relationship with each and every one of us. Stephanie offers practical ways to grow in a relationship with Christ.