Youth Ministry Leaders

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Joyce Olver Joyce Olver

I am a graduate of American Airlines Flight School, the International Air Academy, as well as Clackamas Community College with a major in psychology and a minor in both graphic arts and performing arts. I went on to own and operate a performing arts team from 1976 until 2000, along with opening a performing arts school called,... learn more
Tiffany Peterson Tiffany Peterson - Cincinnati, OH

Tiffany's goal is to share the consequences of drunk driving, bring Hope to the hurting, Truth to the uncertain, Forgiveness of self and others to the troubled and share what is possible only through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In September 2007, Tiffany started a ministry called Moment to Moment CHOICES to encourage... learn more
Cathy Schock Cathy M. Schock - Van Buren, Ohio

I am a prophetic artist who is a true worshipper and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray and ask the Lord to reveal colors, themes, and visions so as to build up the Body of Believers! Sometimes a Word or scripture is given to me as well. A picture is worth a thousand words and also can reach those who may be... learn more
Glenda Randall Glenda Randall - Cincinnati, Ohio

learn more
Vicki Feinn Vicki Feinn

Vicki Feinn is the homeschooling mom of six children and has been married for 27 years. Vicki draws on her personal experience to encourage others to "Run In To Jesus" and make Him the focus of their lives. Vicki often adds humor to her presentations and her candid, enthusiastic love for Jesus is clearly evident in... learn more
Lisa Marling Dr. Lisa Marling - Somerville, Ohio

"I decided to kill my grandfather..." Lisa's harrowing and tragic story becomes one of laughter, redemption, forgiveness and a personal walk with God through a childhood of torture, rape, and incest. Lisa's life confirms that there is a God and He reigns. Transformational and informational, Lisa offers equal doses of... learn more
Karen McCracken Karen A. McCracken - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Karen McCracken is a Christian Life Coach, a Certified Christian Biblical Counselor and a seasoned Inspirational Speaker. She is known for her zany sense of humor, quick wit and captivating personal testimony. She has years of experience as a Youth Minister, is a Christian Author and Writer as well as the mother of two, wife... learn more
ANGI RENO Angi Reno - Early, Texas

I believe that God has led me to share my testimony. I have been through many trials in my life from growing up in an abusive household, to my mother being married 7 times, having a teen abortion, my husband being a drug addict, infidelity, and learning to have Faith in God that all things are possible and there is no mountain... learn more
Kim Coleman Kim Coleman - Charlotte, North Carolina

Kim Coleman can be described as a fast-paced, high-energy, on fire for God Christian Comic! With her no-nonsense approach to being an "older" mom with "young" kids, a wife, and a church volunteer you can bet intense laughter will insue once she hits the stage. learn more